ISOKEN (Flashback)


Chronicles of an EDO Girl – (Episode 3- Flashback)

With lips spread apart, yet no words came out. That parents assume too much about their kids is no news.

‘Errmm mum; I am not a virgin.’

No! That won’t work…

‘I am sexually active…?’  No no no!

Dumbfounded, Isoken knew exactly why. Her biggest challenge was how to tell her mum that she isn’t a virgin and not the idea of marrying a man older than her dad who also happens to be her boyfriend’s dad. Awkward, super awkward.

Where is this story going?  “Where is my story heading for”? Isoken kept asking herself.

She never thought she would ever get to a point where she would regret losing her virginity that young.  Though she had wanted to marry as a virgin, but her love for Odion, his unending sexual pressures coupled with her adventurous nature, it got the better part of her.

Better her mum than the entire village, she concluded within herself; this was a clear example of the adage, ‘Breeze blow,  Fowl yansh Don open’. That shameful moment when your secret gets out.

The best option had to be to travel out of the country, she thought. After all, her second cousin just came back from Europe for house dedication. Esohe has built a 3bedroom 4-flat, with a borehole. Isoken had looked with envy,  she’s always envisioned herself making her father and mother and siblings proud, I mean, look at Esohe. Travelling out just can’t be worse than this brouhaha…

Sweet memories of her time with Odion   made her smile in the midst of the hot tears  running down her cheeks. She didn’t know men could be this cruel. Her first sexual experience as a prostitute in Italy was very different from what she had with Odion.

She could never forget the villain. He had an ugly looking bird tattoo on his back. He was a very huge man with an enormous penis, had a weird fetish and probably doesn’t know what the word ‘love making’ meant.

He pounced on her like an angry lion, abused her like no man’s business and left her bleeding and sore for days. She cried the whole night feeling grave pity for herself. She got chills as details of the abuse flashed through her head. He raped her severally that day, tied her with ropes, almost bit her nipples off, forced his entire hand inside her, and wiped her butt mercilessly. He was the devil. The ordeal was so traumatic that mere thinking about it still gave her goose bumps.

She was a helpless 18-year old fresh prostitute who needed the money to settle her aunt who borrowed money to send her abroad through her madam, Mrs. Ogbemudia.

She couldn’t dare to run away, neither could any of the other nine girls because Mrs. Ogbemudia ensured they all swore that they can’t get their freedom until they paid an agreed amount of money which covered  travelling expenses and accommodation in Italy.

She took all ten of then to a native doctor who shaved and kept their pubic hair in a black container, threatening that he would kill any of them who decide to run away from his shrine in Nigeria. Continue reading “ISOKEN (Flashback)”

ISOKEN (How it all started)



Chronicles of an EDO Girl – (Episode 2- How it all started)

Being born into a poor family isn’t easy, especially when you have goals and aspirations. But never has being poor and beautiful, bold and sexy at distant length. Sense of pride you might want to call it. Poor family, beautiful siblings and here she was, the eldest.
She smiled as good memories of her dad flashed back to her; and she had quite a number of them. Daddy’s girl? Who cares, she’s always loved her dad.

He tried his best to provide for all five (5) of them and their mum; but it wasn’t easy. He was a very handsome man such that the ugly wrinkles of poverty and old age couldn’t hide his charm. People often said she got her good looks from her dad. She couldn’t recall best memories of her childhood without mentioning her dad because she was very fond of him.

Isoken could vividly remember the last time she saw her dad…

It was the day before she lost him to the wicked hands of death. The dirty-brown caftan he wore as he asked for dinner, of which she had cooked his favorite.  How dramatic, she’d thought. Maybe if she didn’t cook his favorite probably he’d still be alive. Isoken had wanted to blame it on herself. She was 18 years old then and that was the saddest day of her life. Her family members were about to have dinner when they got a call that her dad had been in a ‘hit and run’ accident on his way back from work the next day. He was rushed to the hospital by a Good Samaritan; but died shortly before they arrived. No one was able to say goodbye to him not even Isoken. It was the most terrible day in her family, mum was scared for her. Could she survive without him?

Life got very hard for them; her mother couldn’t keep up with fending for all five of them because she was a petty trader. Being the first child, Isoken had a lot to do as the responsibility of taking care of her siblings also rested on her. A few months after her dad’s demise, all they could think of was feeding. She saw how her dreams of attending the university became more and more vague and help wasn’t coming from anywhere.

“She should marry him, so the burden can reduce in the family”
“I don’t see why she can’t marry; after all she is 18 years old”
“She is the first daughter, so she has to help her family”
“She should travel to Italy, where she can make money to help her family”
“Mama Isoken, keep quiet, crying will not solve the problem”

Isoken was literally shaking where she was standing while eavesdropping on their conversation. Continue reading “ISOKEN (How it all started)”

ISOKEN (Mr. Skinny)


Chronicles of an EDO Girl- (Episode 1- Mr. Skinny)

“Togliti i vestiti” (take off your clothes)

Isoken had lost count on the number of times she’s heard ‘Italian locals’ use this phrase. She even hears it in her head at times when she’s all by herself. She hissed silently in her mind as she stares at the haggard looking Italian man, profiling him as she usually does.

He was a very tall man, in his early 50s. He looked quite pale and skinny with grays all over his UN-shaved face. His wrinkled face spelled stress and this somehow gave her a bit of relief as this means that he would spend most of the night ‘sleeping’.

The way they hooked up that night was quite dramatic. She and her ‘bestie’ Rosie were chatting outside at their usual club, La Cabala in Rome; Antonello Venditti was doing his thing on stage. It was a beautiful Thursday night at the club.

Just outside the club, were many ladies literally naked hoping to get a good catch for the night.

Isoken didn’t feel like going out that night because she was a bit under the weather; but Rosie wouldn’t let her be. They have been BFF for over 2-years now and she would do anything for her because she loves her dearly. She was like a sister.

Three desperate Nigerian ladies who practically wore nothing were chatting in Yoruba as Mr. Skinny walked past. They waved at him; he stared at them briefly as he made his way into the club.

Getting attention from men was normal for Isoken and she didn’t need to dress nude anymore to get men staring at her over and over again.

She wasn’t surprised when she got a note from him through his aide requesting to take her home for the night. Again, she got ‘the man’ effortlessly without breaking a sweat. Back in the days when she just got to Italy, some jealous girls have actually accused her of using charms. She had no idea why she is that gracious and lucky. Meanwhile, Rosie winked at her giving her ‘thumbs up’ as she stood up to go with the aide.

‘Mr. Skinny’ had her for the night as he had surprisingly paid the 500 Euros ‘standard fee’ back at the club without hassle. His looks didn’t quite fit his profile.

She was a bit surprised when he started kissing her immediately they arrived at the hotel room. Continue reading “ISOKEN (Mr. Skinny)”

Bella the MURDERER 3




I wore my sexiest lingerie that evening as I made an appearance at his doorstep.

They were Mr. Bayo’s personal favorite ever since he got them for me.

Oftentimes, he would request I wear them.

Therefore, I knew there was something about them.

As a light complexioned girl, the lingerie highlighted my feminism.

Cletus opened the door with drowsy eyes.

He was wearing just shorts.

I entered his room immediately, shutting the door behind me.

I could see the surprise in his face as he asked, “what is the problem” he asked;

“I want you Cletus” I said, removing my lingerie. Continue reading “Bella the MURDERER 3”

Bella the MURDERER 2


(Read Bella the MURDERER 1 Here)


I couldn’t sleep.

My head was banging. I was scared.

However, this was the only way.

The only way I could think of.

How can a 14-year old kill a man of 45?

I would use a knife; it was the only thing I could lay my hands on.

I had to do this.


Mr. Bayo came in that day at 8:30 pm in the night.

He was wearing a spotless, neatly ironed white shirt on black pants.

My heart quivered as his car pulled at the garage.

I could see him clearly.

It was the face of the devil, my tormentor.

I couldn’t help but to steal a smile.

As I imagined his blood spill all over the floor.

I would stab him as many times as my strength would allow me. He deserved it

Tonight, my misery would end. I thought


As fate would have it, only one of his boys was around.

Same villain who raped me. Perfect! Continue reading “Bella the MURDERER 2”

Bella the MURDERER 1


My name is Bella

My story is a sad one.

I had the best parents growing up. My life was enviable

Then mom died. My world was torn apart.

Dad re-married. She was the ‘devil himself’

My life became hell. I wished for death severally


Then dad died too …but, why?

I was devastated. My entire world had crumbled.

Things got even worse. I was a walking corpse

As an only child, I was pampered and was in no way hampered

My life was peaceful with everything blissful

How this changed overnight, I wonder

I had no one to care for me.

I went to bed every night in tears, the once happy child


One day, something happened.

I ran away from home

…I guess I should not have; but I just had to

I needed to find my own path; I desperately wanted a new life

No one cared anyway

I was alone in my world


Mr. Bayo was my friend’s uncle

He calls me his baby Continue reading “Bella the MURDERER 1”



So the other day I heard a mother tell her son, “next time someone hits you, hit them back; don’t come home crying else, I will smack you”.

My reaction at first was; hmmm is that a good advice? What happened to behaving the way Jesus would? What happened to turning the other cheek?

This woman in question is a good Christian, so hearing her tell her 4-year old son something like that sounded a bit off.

On a second thought, I was like, why not! Who wants to raise a weakling? Who wants their child to come home crying every day?

A clap back is necessary at times you know. I would give my child the same advice someday if need be.

Be it verbal or physical, there comes a time in your life when you have to stand up for and defend yourself. You shouldn’t always allow people ‘hit’ you and get away with it. Why should you always allow yourself be tossed about all in the name of peace. No way. Continue reading “CLAP BACK!”

Jungle Justice

“Beat him” “Catch him” “Yes! Beat him very well” ‘Don’t let him escape o!” “Kill him” “My phone! My Phone!!” “Ole Ole’

An angry mob came running my way, while I was held in traffic, very close to the famous COMPUTER VILLAGE at Ikeja, Lagos.

The supposed THIEF was a teenager, tall, dark and handsome boy of not more than 22-years of age.  He ran as fast as his strength could carry him, but the streets weren’t so busy that fateful day. There was no place to run to.

Nemesis caught up with him as the hot chase came to an abrupt end. A huge and fierce looking guy with eyes so red that a baby would scare to death, held a huge blow Continue reading “Jungle Justice”

Condoms in her bag?


“Is there anything wrong for a woman to carry condoms in her bag?”

This question was asked in a BBM channel I happen to be member of and to my surprise, 95% of the people who commented saw nothing wrong with it. Like seriously?

The question featured comments like;

‘Nt wrong @all’

‘Not wrong’‘Nothing wrong. It is better seen with a condom than pretending born again and f..king unprotected.’ Distributing hiv and other STIs’

‘Nothing bad’

On a normal day, I would not comment, but I just had to because like it or not, I was the first person that thought it was wrong. Unbelievable yeah? Or maybe not…

Why on earth should it be a normal thing for a woman to carry condoms in her bag? Seems to me like a very loose woman who is ready to sleep with any Tom, Dick and Harry. Again, how is that normal? Seems like a prostitute to me, or has prostitution become a noble career?

I don’t know if there is any religion out there that supports promiscuity/ moral looseness, but common-sense tells you that is it wrong.

If you know me closely, then you would know that I don’t pretend like I am a saint. I am usually real about stuff, no hiding under religious umbrella. A ‘tell it the way it is’ person, no faking.

It is one thing to know that what you are doing is wrong, but to not see anything wrong about something that is wrong, is a very serious something.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t be proud or loud about sex if you are not married or have been married before (feel free to counter this). Since when did engaging in something that is ‘wrong/ illegal’ become a thing of pride?

And who says you have to sleep with every guy you date by the way?

These days, sex in relationships is now a norm, even more like a MUST. Who says it has to be like that? A few years back it wasn’t so!

Now you find a girl in her early 20s and she has slept with over 50 (fifty) men. Damn!

Tell me why not, if growing up as a girl, she followed the bandwagon of those that believe ‘ it is OK for a woman to carry condoms in her bag’

Let’s analyze how Stella managed to sleep with over 50 guys at such a tender age…
Continue reading “Condoms in her bag?”

LOVE… Weddings (Chibuzo&Chike)



It was a beautiful weekend, actually two beautiful weekends in a row. It was my dear friend’s wedding.

Even though I was a bit under the weather, I just had to be there for her and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The fun started the week before. Nine other ladies and i had planned a surprise bridal shower for her. We arranged with her fiance to get her to the venue in the guise of them just hanging out.

According to him, it was difficult to get her out that day which meant we had to wait for over three hours to have “the perfect shower”. But there were no dull moments as the chief organizers (Chioma & Titi)  got the perfect venue for us; a karaoke bar.

It was a perfect venue because all ten of us and the bride were singers (with varying degree of vocal skills of course. LOL)…. I need not say more


Eventually the ‘bride to be’ showed up and we gave her the surprise of her life(her words).

The surprise got tears in her eyes…. Awww

And that commenced our hen night.

We had lots of fun activities…and the bride, Chibuzo scored 90% in her couples quiz… can you beat that?

Then came food and drinks, more singing, dancing and the bride capped the event with a beautiful piece by Celine Dion that got  the entire visitors at the bar applauding.


The next weekend which was the wedding weekend was ‘da bomb’. The ladies……….

Check next post for concluding story……


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